Ok Go – White Knuckles Remix


1 day to go until final judgement of the the Ok Go – ‘White Knuckles’ remix competition over on Indaba Music. Fingers crossed for some Robot action (The Big Robot remix is the last of the weekly finalists)…
The grand prize winner will have their track featured on the game Rock Band 3 – a prize so steeped in awesome that you could make it into ‘win tea’.
You can hear The Big Robot remix from the player over there on the right –>
Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock at the bottom of a Chilean mine and are not familiar with Ok Go’s exceptional (viral-tastic) videos, look over here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHlJODYBLKs

Win or lose, more stuff on the way.


That’s a win for The Big Robot! Giant woooooooo!
Remix now off to The Authority for Rock Band authoring and should hopefully grace then Rock Band network before Christmas.
Expect a full, glorious HD video of me attempting to play it… and failing.

Website Overhaul

Had a bit of increased traffic lately so thought it was time to spruce up the ol’ site.
Couple of new functional bits added (some social-networking buttons on the sidebar) and a few new tracks to the SoundCloud widget. Some updates are definitely due now…

Bicycle Corporation Remix (17:44 Records)


Coming to a digital record store near you: Bicycle Corporation – The Bicycle Corollaries

Includes a tasty electro-tastic remix of ‘Take Me To Miami’ by a certain Robot on July 31st.

Have a listen over here…

… and be sure to check out the other offerings of the mighty Bicycle Corporation (DJ Marco Mei & the awesome 6884) whilst you’re at it.

… unless you’re actually looking for a bicycle. In which case they probably can’t help.

Cloud of awesomeness


SoundCloud is basically social-networking for musicians.

… they also do a damn fine job of hosting music (you may notice the music player on this site has been replaced with a funky-looking SoundCloud widget)

Anyho- they’re currently hosting a number of tracks that I can’t publish on this site for contractual/copyright reasons, so head on over to: http://soundcloud.com/thebigrobot for some new listening material.

Be sure to check out:
Bicycle Corporation – Take Me To Miami (The Big Robot remix)


Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Great Britain (The Big Robot remix)

I’m a finalist in their glorious(ly ironic) “Great Britain” remix comp … so go vote for me.


No win this time around: http://www.lesacvspip.co.uk/?p=1151
… but big congrats to Mozza; props to fellow south coast dwellers (and all-round nice people) Momotempo; and it looks like I’ll be collaborating with one of the other finalists on a separate project ;)

Oh the magic of t’internets.

Promo Photos


Finally got round to doing some promo photos (thanks to Ramtin of Monosurround for making me get my arse in gear).

Uploaded 3 of them for your viewing displeasure (click this post to have a look).

Cheers to Matt for all the help and the ISVR for their awesome facilities.

Monosurround & The Big Robot


First release of 2010:   Monosurround – “Hello World” (The Big Robot remix)
… the result of another FOEM remix competition that will see both digital AND vinyl release around April on the “Hello World Remix EP & compilation” (MS Records).

You can hear an mp3 snippet of it here (courtesy of FOEM):

Much respect to Monosurround for being all-round nice people – go and buy their album!

Lots more to come from the Robot this year…

Speaking of which…
You can listen to another competition entry that’s pending judging here:

AcidPlanet remix competition – The Big Robot entry

Something a bit different…

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