Rubber Spanner vs The Big Robot


Fire-up your electro-filterfunk-dubstep-house head and check the latest collaboration between The Big Robot and London-based electronic music-maestro Rubber Spanner. (play it over there on the right –>)

Rubber Spanner – Mayura in Osaka (The Big Robot remix)

The track is featured on his debut EP “in” which is rather damn fine (if I do say so m’self), so go buy a copy (from all good digital music shops, or here) and make him a very happy Spanner. Those with a keen eye for detail may also recognise Rubber Spanner as a fellow finalist from the Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip competition…

Anyho- keep your eyes and ears peeled (peeled ears?) for more Robotic action before the end of the year (Ok Go remix now resides with the Authority as they work their Rock Band magic…).;

One other thing – fans of arcade-nostalgia should really check out Rubber Spanner’s track/video ‘Pacman’:
Full. Of. Win.

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