Archive for January 6th, 2011

In the Jungle…


Something for your New Year’s listening displeasure! Feast your ears on : The Hours – Ali In The Jungle (The Big Robot remix) …┬áit’s over there on the right with the other stuff –> This one’s for a competition over on (the prize is a signed Damien Hirst lithograph!!! … which is rather splendid), [...]

Random Geekery: ‘Upgrayedd’!


Gave my ‘music workstation of doom’ a Christmas upgrade… on the cheap (hey, we live in times of economic uncertainty). Thanks to the power of eBay and ex-display stock my power level is now over 9000 (*pffft!*). Oh, alright, I’m running 4 cores (instead of the old 2), with a significant increase in RAM. In [...]

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