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Ready to Rock!


At some point in the next few days (Monday at the latest) The Big Robot will come hurtling down from outer space and onto the Rock Band Network! So if you’re lucky/awesome enough to own an XBox360 and a copy of Rock Band 3, check out the downloadable content and look for: Ok Go – [...]

In the Jungle…


Something for your New Year’s listening displeasure! Feast your ears on : The Hours – Ali In The Jungle (The Big Robot remix) …┬áit’s over there on the right with the other stuff –> This one’s for a competition over on (the prize is a signed Damien Hirst lithograph!!! … which is rather splendid), [...]

Random Geekery: ‘Upgrayedd’!


Gave my ‘music workstation of doom’ a Christmas upgrade… on the cheap (hey, we live in times of economic uncertainty). Thanks to the power of eBay and ex-display stock my power level is now over 9000 (*pffft!*). Oh, alright, I’m running 4 cores (instead of the old 2), with a significant increase in RAM. In [...]

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