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Studio clearout


Time for a clearout sale. (must be that time of year) If you fancy giving a good home to any of my pre-loved rack equipment, head on over to eBay: I’ll be sad to see a lot of it go, but I really need the space (boo hoo!). What’s up for sale you ask? Novation [...]

Rubber Spanner vs The Big Robot


Fire-up your electro-filterfunk-dubstep-house head and check the latest collaboration between The Big Robot and London-based electronic music-maestro Rubber Spanner. (play it over there on the right –>) Rubber Spanner – Mayura in Osaka (The Big Robot remix) The track is featured on his debut EP “in” which is rather damn fine (if I do say [...]

Random Geekery: Sonar X1

Is it wrong to get excited about a bit of software? Hell no! (unless it’s a spreadsheet… in which case you should get out more) As a user of far too many bits of music software, this makes all my robot parts happy: (and for less productive moments, this bit of software is a [...]

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