Archive for February, 2009

Full Track – “Space Invader”

Another full track ready for your listening terror! Little bit of a Pendulum influence on this one – blistering beats and screaming guitars… can’t go wrong. Solo by the ever elusive Adam Onyett, because he’s frankly awesome at churning out twiddly nonsense. Go listen! … before you get invaded! Ha! (it’s over there on the right) [...]

Full Track – “Gone Too Far”

Ah yes, the slow trickle of finished tracks has begun! You can now listen to the full track, “Gone Too Far” fromthe player over there on the right –> Vocals by the ever-so-talented Johanna Haim, and artwork (featuring said vocalist) by the ever-so-talented Patricia Descalco (purveyor of fine animation and artwork – Descalco Design). Go [...]

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