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Random Geekery: ‘Upgrayedd’!


Gave my ‘music workstation of doom’ a Christmas upgrade… on the cheap (hey, we live in times of economic uncertainty). Thanks to the power of eBay and ex-display stock my power level is now over 9000 (*pffft!*). Oh, alright, I’m running 4 cores (instead of the old 2), with a significant increase in RAM. In [...]

Studio clearout


Time for a clearout sale. (must be that time of year) If you fancy giving a good home to any of my pre-loved rack equipment, head on over to eBay: I’ll be sad to see a lot of it go, but I really need the space (boo hoo!). What’s up for sale you ask? Novation [...]

Random Geekery: Sonar X1

Is it wrong to get excited about a bit of software? Hell no! (unless it’s a spreadsheet… in which case you should get out more) As a user of far too many bits of music software, this makes all my robot parts happy: (and for less productive moments, this bit of software is a [...]

Website Overhaul

Had a bit of increased traffic lately so thought it was time to spruce up the ol’ site. Couple of new functional bits added (some social-networking buttons on the sidebar) and a few new tracks to the SoundCloud widget. Some updates are definitely due now…

Cloud of awesomeness


SoundCloud is basically social-networking for musicians. … they also do a damn fine job of hosting music (you may notice the music player on this site has been replaced with a funky-looking SoundCloud widget) Anyho- they’re currently hosting a number of tracks that I can’t publish on this site for contractual/copyright reasons, so head on [...]

Promo Photos


Finally got round to doing some promo photos (thanks to Ramtin of Monosurround for making me get my arse in gear). Uploaded 3 of them for your viewing displeasure (click this post to have a look). Cheers to Matt for all the help and the ISVR for their awesome facilities.

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