Ready to Rock!


At some point in the next few days (Monday at the latest) The Big Robot will come hurtling down from outer space and onto the Rock Band Network!

So if you’re lucky/awesome enough to own an XBox360 and a copy of Rock Band 3, check out the downloadable content and look for:

Ok Go – White Knuckles (The Big Robot remix)


Here’s a sneaky video preview (borrowed from the astoundingly talented people at The Authority… they’re the people who put the Rock into Rock Band):

In the Jungle…


Something for your New Year’s listening displeasure!
Feast your ears on :

The Hours – Ali In The Jungle (The Big Robot remix)

… it’s over there on the right with the other stuff –>
This one’s for a competition over on (the prize is a signed Damien Hirst lithograph!!! … which is rather splendid), judging in mid-January by the band and the label, so stay tuned for updates.

This is also my first musical-endeavour with some new toys (which I’m still getting the hang of), but things are looking good for Robot action in 2011.

Happy New Year!

…oh, and a special shout out to the Metalectro Blog for featuring my track Space Invader before Christmas. If you like your electro hard, heavy, and METAL(!!!) check them out. Cheers!

Random Geekery: ‘Upgrayedd’!


Gave my ‘music workstation of doom’ a Christmas upgrade… on the cheap (hey, we live in times of economic uncertainty).

Thanks to the power of eBay and ex-display stock my power level is now over 9000 (*pffft!*).
Oh, alright, I’m running 4 cores (instead of the old 2), with a significant increase in RAM. In practical terms this means I can finally load more than a couple of heavy-weight VSTs (convolution reverb anyone?) and use some of the sample banks that were simply too big to fit in my puny memory.

What does all this mean in ‘real speak’?!
More/bigger/better noise from the Robot! Yaaaay!

Studio clearout


Time for a clearout sale.
(must be that time of year)

If you fancy giving a good home to any of my pre-loved rack equipment, head on over to eBay:
I’ll be sad to see a lot of it go, but I really need the space (boo hoo!).

What’s up for sale you ask?

  • Novation Supernova (OS4.1) – beauty of a synth
  • FAT Freebass (proper analogue TB303 clone)
  • E-mu ESi32 – my first sampler, and a classic
  • E-mu Planet Phatt – thumping sound module
  • Behringer UltrafexII – my first enhancer (I’ll miss the awesome ‘surround’ knob)
  • Behringer Virtualizer Pro – great budget FX

Happy bidding.

Rubber Spanner vs The Big Robot


Fire-up your electro-filterfunk-dubstep-house head and check the latest collaboration between The Big Robot and London-based electronic music-maestro Rubber Spanner. (play it over there on the right –>)

Rubber Spanner – Mayura in Osaka (The Big Robot remix)

The track is featured on his debut EP “in” which is rather damn fine (if I do say so m’self), so go buy a copy (from all good digital music shops, or here) and make him a very happy Spanner. Those with a keen eye for detail may also recognise Rubber Spanner as a fellow finalist from the Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip competition…

Anyho- keep your eyes and ears peeled (peeled ears?) for more Robotic action before the end of the year (Ok Go remix now resides with the Authority as they work their Rock Band magic…).;

One other thing – fans of arcade-nostalgia should really check out Rubber Spanner’s track/video ‘Pacman’:
Full. Of. Win.

Random Geekery: Sonar X1

Is it wrong to get excited about a bit of software?

Hell no! (unless it’s a spreadsheet… in which case you should get out more)
As a user of far too many bits of music software, this makes all my robot parts happy:

(and for less productive moments, this bit of software is a little bit awesome.)

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